Contact Us

So you want to chat with Matt, get help or just find out what he's been blogging about of late?

Why not. you are not alone in that desire. So here is the skinny version of how to contact Matt and his team.

If you want to ask for help with purchasing or using you domain name then your first port of call are the FAQ and help sections most times the answers are in there and you are smart enough to "get it" no matter how life has got you feeling right now. But if these resources fall short in some way then Matt's personal forums are a good next port of call.

The forums require membership seperate to any accounts you have here. Matt and his team will never ask for your log in details so never, ever given them out. We want your domains to remain your domains.

The forums can be found at but be warned if you have not visited before all accounts are approved manually so there can be a delay. while this might seem like a bad thing it ensures that Matt and his team can give a truely quality level of attention to everyone - quality takes a little longer but we are sure that you will agree it is worth the time.

You can also use the forum for help in getting you site up and running. While this is not directly part of the service you purchased when you obtained your domain name it is the reason why you purchased it and Matt likes to help. (He also likes to tell the world when his customers do well).

You can also drop Matt a line via his blog but be warned off topic comments are going to get deleated so that other people don't get confused. Likewise requests for help are going to be met with a set of directions to the forum. This is not to be nasty but to protect Matt's ability to give a timely and quality reply to everyone who contacts him.

Matt's blog is the oddly titled Fantastic Site of Lord Matt - Super Geek.

Lastly if you just want to chat and exchange ideas you can catch up to Matt on Twitter @lordmatt - if you know how.