About Us

In the UK there is a tiny company you might never have heard of called Adullam Limited. The Managing Director is a guy called Matt B but you might know him by the screen name of "Lord Matt". He made this.

Matt likes to do things differently so expect personal attention from the head guy himself and more than likely some high profile blogging about the successes you will create witht he domain names you have purchased.

Matt believes that domain name owners shouldn't be "juiced for every penny" and so as much as possible is free or as near as can be. Heck the domains would probably be free if Matt could find a way.

Matt's backers think he's crazy and he probably is - crazy about serving others that is.

Untill recently Matt was his only customer here but now he has started to open up his secret supply of web name goodness to eveyone. This is the result and Matt and his team hope you love it. If there is anything we can do for you please just let us know.

Read Matt's blog at http://lordmatt.co.uk or grab some extra help at his forum at http://lordmattandyou.com - see you there.